Kev, Author at 98 Gym
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  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for SOCOM
  • 18 Years Military Experience
  • Diploma Exercise Science
  • Powerlifting Coach
  • Founder of Strengthelite


Kevin is a strength and conditioning coach with ten years direct experience coaching athletes, soldiers and coaches alike. With over fifteen years serving in the Australian Military, five of which were managing a high performance program, Kevin’s skills and experience are rooted in training with purpose, to achieve the mental toughness to never quit – to always find a way.

He currently sits on the board for the Tactical Strength & Conditioning Association in Australia and has presented to Police, Military and S&C coaches across the country. He is also the founder of Strength Elite.

Kevin believes in humility and the pursuit of excellence. His training is science-based and he is happy to work with anyone who possesses the grit and determination to improve themselves, get uncomfortable, knowing that nothing worth having ever came easy.

Danny has been a friend, mentor and someone I’ve always looked to as a coach & man to model myself off. His professionalism and strong moralistic values in all areas of his life mean he’s extremely dedicated to everything he does. Danny is a man of few words, because he lets his work and actions speak for themselves. We are extremely fortunate to have him share his wealth of knowledge on this platform. Men of this caliber don’t happen often.

Danny Cooper Biography

Human Performance Consultant
Human Performance Advisor to Special Operations
ST George QLD Reds Assistant S&C 2017 – 2019
Special Operations High Performance 2009 – 2017


PhD Candidate
Master of Science (Research) (Integrated Cognitive & physiological training interventions for peak performance)
Master of Science (Strength and Conditioning)
Bachelor’s of Exercise and Sports Science
Graduate Diploma Elite Athlete Mentoring
ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach
EXOS level 3 performance specialist
AWF State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach
The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance

Daniel is an extremely accomplished Human Performance specialist. He developed a passion for understanding the true limits of human potential whilst serving as a member of Australia’s most elite Special Operations unit, where he spent 18 years of his 22-year career in the Special Air Service operating at the coal face of Australian special operations missions.

His passion for understanding and developing human potential led him into pursuing an academic pathway from a bachelor’s degree through to his current Higher Degree by Research project. Where he will investigate the factors of cognitive and physiological high performance during critical decision making.

Daniel transitioned into Human Performance during his Military service working within Special Operations where he was involved in raising and working within the Human Performance program for 8 years prior to taking a role within the QLD Reds High Performance Unit when he spent close to 2 years. Daniel has now returned to a part time role as an adviser to Special Operations Human Performance

Daniel used his knowledge and experience to challenge himself to compete feats at the edge of human physical and mental endurance across the full spectrum of human performance. In 2010 he completed the Racing the Planet, 250km Kununurra ultra-marathon. In 2011 he competed in the Pacific regionals. Just 2 weeks after later he completed the Kep Ultra 100km. In 2012 Daniel became the first Australian to finish the 450-mile (750km) Yukon Arctic Ultra, on foot. Completing the race in just 10 days. In 2016 Daniel qualified in the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier finishing within the world’s top 80.  More recently he undertook Australia’s Toughest Mudder, covering 55km’s in the 8-hour overnight event to finish 3rd in class, whilst concurrently qualifying in the Masters League QLD qualifier. His future events include the 24hr Obstacle course racing world championship in 2019 and the Iditarod Train Invitational 350mile in 2020 and 1000mile in 2021 crossing the frozen Alaskan wilderness on foot.

Everyone has different goals here at 98, these goals will change once you reach one, you’ll reassess and go attack another one. These goals could be a better 2km ski or row, maybe you’re after a bigger deadlift, more pull ups or a bigger back squat. Whatever your goal is its important to know how to get there. Outlined below are two sample weeks of 98 classes that can address some, if not all of your goals.

Better Conditioning (2km ski/row…faster bike erg)
Monday – IWT
Tuesday – STR/GPP
Wednesday – ESD
Thursday – STR/GPP
Friday – GPP
Saturday – FYF
Increase Your Strength (Squats/Deadlifts/Pull Ups/ Better Performance in an IWT or FYF)
Monday – IWT
Tuesday – STR
Wednesday – REST or ESD
Thursday – STR
Friday – ADV STR
Saturday – FYF
Give yourself enough time to achieve your goal, a minum of 6-8 weeks with one of the above cycles of training will ensure you hit those targets…as long as they are reasonable of course.
If you have any questions on this or what would suit you best please ask me.

At the start of every program we need a goal or something to aim towards, otherwise we have no real idea when we get to our end point. Also we need to know where we are when we start, this is why we test. For the next few weeks (8-12 depending on results) Emma and I will post our daily session. This isnt the 98 Program but a Strength (STR) focused 2-3 block of training. The aim is to increase overall strength and speed. The outline of the week will look like this;

  • Monday – Heavy Lower Body
  • Tuesday – Heavy Upper Body
  • Wednesday – Conditioning (ESD/SLED/SPRINTS)
  • Thursday – REST DAY
  • Friday – FYF…because this is the weekly gut check.
  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday – Speed Work

Todays session is:

Warm Up


Work to a Heavy Single Back Squat


Work to a Heavy 2RM Weighted Pull Up


5 x 5 GHD (The movement will be done for the glutes, hamstrings…not a sit up)